What We Do

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Our Mission

To enhance understanding of, foster evidence for, and communicate about the relationships between nature and health.

Our Vision

A world in which everybody has access to nature and can sustain the benefits of nature

Our Values

  • Respect for science
  • Equity
  • Support of planetary health
  • Pluralism
  • Excellence
  • Co-creation of knowledge
  • Team Work

Strategic Goals

  1. Become a recognized nationwide network of researchers and practitioners focused on nature and health.
  2. Generate evidence on the benefits of nature for health and well-being
  3. Propel evidence on the benefits of nature for health and well-being into policy and practice
  4. Educate and train the next generation of nature and health researchers, practitioners, and advocates.

Our Committees

Policy Committee

Responsible for tracking, analyzing, and propelling evidence-based policies related to nature and health. Additionally, policy committee works towards integrating evidence into policy decisions to promote access to nature for all through published papers, slide sets, op-eds, blog posts, and public presentations.

Committee Chair: Howard Frumkin

Research Committee

Focuses on conducting, analyzing, and identifying research opportunities for nature and health-related topics. Research committee also assists in curating NHA’s database and research briefs. The research committee aims to promote and elevate inclusion and equity concerns in nature and health research.

Committee Chair: Sara LoTemplio

Journal Committee

Plans to explore whether it is plausible and necessary to implement a nature and health journal. The committee also works on guest-editing the special issue of Ecopsychology.

Committee Chair: Peter Kahn

Communications Committee

Develops and executes communication strategies to effectively convey NHA's mission and research findings through the NHA website and other avenues. Engages with diverse audiences to find, create, and share opportunities for research collaboration throughout the United States. The communications committee is also responsible for adequately disseminating research conducted by the Nature and Health Alliance.

Committee Chair: Myra Gerst

Membership Committee

Facilitates the growth of NHA by recruiting and retaining members. Committee is also responsible for reviewing and approving new members.

Committee Chair: Nooshin Razani