Nature Equity

Content Section

We are committed to equity and justice as foundational pillars in the interplay of nature and health research, practice, and policy. We acknowledge the pressing need to rectify the Western-centric bias and overrepresentation of White participants in nature and health research and promote intentional, reflective, community-based, and participatory practices, inclusive of diverse populations and cultures. Our mission extends beyond access to nature and resource allocation, emphasizing the significance of equity, which requires acknowledgment, accountability, and action to address historical injustices and provide more to those most harmed. Justice further demands the transformation of structures and systems, particularly the institutionalized nature and human divide, to sustain equity. We advocate for a broader, genuinely inclusive approach to nature and health efforts, respecting and inviting national and global cultural diversity and pluralism, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) ontologies, ultimately contributing to effective planetary health action.