Research Brief

Measuring Attitudes Toward Spending Time in Nature: A Validated Measurement Tool

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Spending time in nature is proven to be good for your health. Interventions based on health behavior theories may be effective at increasing time spent in nature only if we have a better understanding of attitudes towards this behavior. Attitudes are a strong predictor of health behaviors, but valid and reliable measurement tools regarding attitudes toward spending time in nature have been lacking until now. This study took a sequential procedure to develop and validate a reliable survey that can measure these attitudes.

Key Takeaways

  • Measuring attitudes towards spending time in nature does predict actual time spent in nature.
  • This study provides researchers with a reliable and valid scale measuring attitudes towards spending time in nature.
  • Using this attitude scale allows us to develop personalized interventions towards increased time spent in nature.


  • Nature-based interventions will be more informed and guided by knowledge about attitudes towards time spent in nature.
  • This attitudes scale will help improve success of future nature interventions at the design phase.
  • Researchers will apply reliable and consistent measurement tools such as this attitude scale