Linda Powers Tomasso

Linda Powers Tomasso

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept of Environmental Health, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health|

Linda Powers Tomasso investigates nature as a health-promoting exposure and intervention strategy through her postdoctoral research at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. Her mixed-methods approach to exposure assessment brings qualitative insights into a discipline typically determined by quantitative factors to learn what motivates nature-seeking behavior, what barriers exist to nature engagement, and how these factors affect equity of nature access and climate adaptation. An MS from Georgetown, MA from Harvard in Environmental Management, and an early career with the U.S. State Dept shaped Linda’s policy background. Her favorite places to be in nature are the snowy woods and under water.   


Research Article

Healthy by Nature: Policy Practices Aimed at Maximizing the Human Behavioral Health Benefits of Nature Contact

| Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences | Volume 10, Issue 2: 247-255